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WS Sherrill Waterfowl of Wharton

Texas goose hunts, Wharton County, TexasOur hunts take place on 40,000-plus privately owned acres, and have been doing so for 35 years. Waterfowl hunting has changed over the years; however, one thing hasn’t – the need for water.

As we begin our 36st year, we have run over 6,000 hunts to over 25,000 hunters – successful hunts have built our reputation. Our business is built on customer service and satisfaction – 90% of our hunters are repeat customers, and 60% of our clients have hunted with us 8 seasons or longer. In fact, one pair of hunters, John Perry and Tim Mercer, have enjoyed 575 consecutive limit duck hunts as of the close of the 2011-2012 season. We expect that number to rise higher this season.

Coastal duck hunting in Wharton County, Texas
We hold consistent concentrations of snow geese, Canada geese and specklebellies (white-fronted geese), and exceptional duck numbers, including pintails, wigeons, blue-winged teal, green-winged teal, gadwalls and the occasional mallard.

Water is the key ingredient to successful waterfowling. We pump hundreds of acres of water – more than any outfitter on the Texas coast. The abundance of water allows us to hold birds from opening day in November to the close of the season in late January.

Bill Sherrill Waterfowl

If you hunt the same pond day after day the birds will leave. However, when you create over 40 ponds ranging in size from 10-100 acres, and know how to manage, rest and rotate these ponds, you can consistently harvest birds. We do not overhunt our properties – that is how we manage to keep shotgun barrels blazing.

That’s the difference at WS Sherrill Waterfowl.



Our hunts include decoys, ATVs and white parkas when goose hunting. You will need a shotgun, shells, camo hat and clothing, jacket (seasonal) and any other personal items. You can choose to lodge with us, or drive in the morning of the hunt.

$255 duck or goose hunt, $150 teal hunt, $160 for lodging
(4-man minimum)

Don’t want to sit around or take a nap in the afternoon? Complement your morning hunt with an afternoon on the water in Matagorda Bay. Trout, redfish and flounder are the choice species, and tackle can be furnished upon request.

$500 (live bait is an additional cost).


The Cow Camp Lodge is located on the Pierce Ranch, in the heart of our waterfowling properties. The clean, comfortable, relaxing country setting boasts three hot, home-style meals daily. And, sitting on the porch at sunset watching geese trickle to the roost is our free gift to you.

$160 per man, plus 6% lodging tax.


Your birds can be processed, cleaned and bagged for legal transport after the hunt.
An extra fee is applied per bird.


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WS "Bill" Sherrill Waterfowl
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